What We Do

Video Tutorials

We create and maintain a repository of tutorials and technical presentations on varied categories of contents


Group Study Cohorts

The best way to learn something is with a friend. We organize study groups on various bitcoin-related domains where people can join in and self-teach over a broad topic together.


Bitcoin PR Reviews

A weekly Adhoc jitsi club where a bunch of geeks hangs out for an hour over a PR in Bitcoin Core. Open to all. And one of the most effective ways to get your feet dirty around Bitcoin Core. (it's more fun if you review the PR before joining).

PR Review Club


We are committed to nurturing a vibrant bitcoin developer community in India where developers can ask questions, share ideas and connect with each other.


The Team

Raj Maitra
Technical Content Lead

Raj is a Rust based Bitcoin FOSS developer and Bitcoin Core contributor. He has been passionate about building both tech and community for years.

Philosophical Content Lead

Jodo is an experienced software developer and is building cypherpunk Bitcoin products. He is a staunch proponent of understanding the Austrian Economics principles and applying them to every aspect of life.

Setu Saurabh
Operations Lead

Setu is an experienced product manager committed to building the Indian bitcoin ecosystem. His unparalleled enthusiasm to facilitate bitcoin education greases the gear of this initiative.

Production Lead

desi_bitcoiner is an experienced software developer who worked in Tech Consulting in his previous life and now has turned into an avid advocate of Bitcoin education and curving new paths of educational content by mixing his dev and production insights.

Technical Curator

Stratospher is India's youngest Bitcoin Core contributor, working on BIP324 and many more things. She is passionate about P2P network-level privacy, Bitcoin education, technical drawings, and her cat.

Anmol Sharma
Technical Curator

Anmol is a Summer of Bitcoin 2022 alumni, 2023 mentor, and India's youngest professional Bitcoin Dev. His skills and interest in demonstrating and explaining nuanced and complex Bitcoin Tech internals fuel many of the content types of the Bitshala initiative.

Adam Jonas

Jonas is the Head of Special Projects at Chaincode Labs, and is a strong proponent of Open Source education and career. He spearheaded many open-source dev programs in the bitcoin field and was one of the key inspirations behind Bitshala.

Adi Shankara

Adi is a Senior Product Manager of Lightning at Blockstream and founder of Summer of Bitcoin. He's an avid bitcoiner with a passion to bring bitcoin education to the masses.